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How to Find Reputable Deck Contractors

Building a deck is a great home improvement idea that could potentially add value to your home and unlock more options for entertaining your guests. That said, do you know how to go about finding a good professional contractor to work with? Where should you even start? We have an answer for you! Here are some top tips for finding the most reputable deck contractor.

Reach Out to People You Know

The first thing to do is to reach out to trusted sources for recommendations. Start with your family and friends, if any of them have recently had a deck installed. You can also ask other homeowners in your neighborhood or the local hardwood store. If you can't find viable recommendations, you can easily expand your search by tapping into your online networks. Find other locals on social media or forums and ask them if they can recommend a local contractor.

Verify the Contractor's Reputation

Recommendations are a good place to start, but one opinion may not be much to go on. In addition to asking around, do your own research to verify the contractor's reputation. This is something you can easily do online by visiting review sites such as Yelp, Google, and Houzz. Knowing what past clients have to say will give you the bigger picture of whether a particular contractor has a good reputation. The Better Business Bureau is another useful resource that can provide you with more insight regarding a particular company. Don't forget to visit the company's website and social media accounts so you can measure their level of professionalism and credibility based on what they post and share.

Call and Ask Questions

The ultimate goal is to get a comprehensive idea of who the company or contractor is so you know if they're right for you. After doing your research online, the next step is to reach out to the deck contractor, speak to them directly, and ask important questions. How long have they been in business? Are they licensed and insured? Can they provide you with a written estimate? The more you find out, the more informed your decision will be.

Have you ever had a deck before? According to the NAHB, there were decks attached to roughly 20% of the single-family homes built in 2019 alone. If you're looking to join the deck owner's club, working with the most reputable deck contractor in the area will maximize your investment. Get in touch with us at ATK Duluth today to learn more about our services! We'd love to be of assistance.

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