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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Deck Builder for Your Project

Decks have become increasingly popular home additions. According to the NAHB, around 20% of the estimated 879,000 single-family homes started in 2019 came with decks. It's easy to understand why decks have become so popular, given the additional property value and living space they provide. The tips here should help if you're looking for a reputable deck builder.

1. Only Consider the Licensed Contractors

Searching for the right deck builder can take a long time if you interview every candidate in your area. Utilizing that approach for your search would waste too much of your time. You'll be better served to focus your search only on licensed contractors.

Licensed contractors have passed numerous exams to earn their credentials. They also have to comply with the requirements of their chosen industry, so you can expect them to have insurance already. By only considering licensed contractors, you can immediately eliminate unqualified candidates from your search.

2. Examine the Deck Builder's Previous Projects

Actions speak louder than words in many situations. If you want to be sure that your deck builder can produce the exact type of home addition you're looking for, you should check their previous projects. Examine their previous works and see if anything resembles what you have in mind for your deck.

Upon seeing a deck similar to what you wish to build, you can ask the contractor some questions about it. Ask them about the building process and if they encountered any issues. Their answers should help you understand if they can handle your project.

3. Don't Fall for Low Quotes

Some deck builders know they cannot compete with other contractors' high-quality services. The best they can do is blow you away with a low quote and hope that's good enough to win your business. Don't trust those deck builders. Take your business elsewhere if you want someone skilled enough to tackle your deck-building project.

4. Check How the Deck Builder Communicates

Lastly, you want to maintain a conversation with the deck builder to see how they communicate. Note how quickly the builder responds to your questions. You should also check if they can provide detailed answers via calls or messages because your communication may be limited to those mediums while the project is ongoing.

Finding the right deck builder for your project doesn't have to be a difficult undertaking. You can make the search easier by following the tips detailed above. To get your deck-building project started, contact ATK Duluth today. We are your trusted deck contractors!

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