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4 Reasons Why a Deck Adds Value to Your Home

A deck can be an invaluable addition to your home. It not only increases the value of the house but also adds a great place for entertaining outside. Many people find decks to be a place of relaxation that allows them to connect the house to the backyard. According to the North American Deck and Railing Association, more than 40 million American decks were constructed more than 20 years ago. When you’re planning your next renovation, why not add a deck? Here are some great benefits of adding a deck to your property.

1. They Increase Property Value

Decks can increase the value of your home and actually cost less when it comes to construction. Many homebuyers look for those spots in a potential future home where they can see themselves entertain loved ones and relax in the summer. With your home having a deck, potential homebuyers will want to pay more for your home. Also, depending on the style of your deck, you can see an increase in your home's value. For example, wooden decks are even more valuable because of the majestic, rustic look that many potential homebuyers look for. By hiring professional deck and patio builders, they can ensure your deck will increase the value of your home by giving you a deck that both you and potential homebuyers will love.

2. They Add Usable Space

Decks are a great addition that can provide space for you to spend quality time with family and friends. Activities such as grilling can be done on the deck during these parties. Having deck and patio builders install a deck for your house can improve the quality of time spent with your family. If you don’t have a big, open space in your home to have a ton of guests over, a deck can be a great addition to allow more friends and family to hang out together.

3. They Improve Yard Aesthetics

Having deck and patio builders make you a deck will most definitely improve the look of your yard. Backyards that start with a deck are more aesthetically appealing and showcase how much potential you can have when entertaining loved ones. You can choose from many different designs and types of decks that best complement your yard. With the help of deck and patio builders, you can get the yard you've been envisioning.

4. They Help You Connect With Nature

Decks can help you connect with nature more than you had the chance to before. You can spend invaluable time sitting on the deck on your property in the fresh air while enjoying the sun on your skin.

Are you interested in having a deck installed on your property? Contact ATK Duluth to speak with our deck and patio builders to start this project.

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