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Because Experience Matters

Our complete Ice Management services keep your property clear and safe. From snow and ice removal to salting, sanding, and steaming, we are there when you need us. 

ATK Duluth | Snow Duluth and Ice Management

Our Ice Management Services

We are a FULL-SERVICE snow removal company offering complete ice management 24/7.


  • Snow and ice removal

  • Salting and sanding

  • We use salt treated with liquid de-icer

  • Steaming


  • Commercial/industrial property owners

  • Corporate office buildings

  • Retail shopping centers and stores

  • Residential customers

ATK Duluth | Snow Duluth | Snow Removal | Snow Plowing | Duluth, MN

We Use Liquid De-Icer

We are the first commercial snow removal contractor in Northern Minnesota to use liquid de-icer. We specially treat our salt with the liquid de-icer which offers many advantages:

  • More environmentally friendly

  • Uses less salt overall

  • Works at lower temperatures

  • Melts ice faster than regular salt

  • Will not freeze during storage