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Learn More About ATK Duluth

Have a construction-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our company and services.

  • What are good uses for helical piers?
    Helical piers are great for decks, three- and four-season additions, cabins, and buildings being built on poor soil conditions. In Duluth’s harsh climate, helical piers ensure your structure stays where you placed it. Helical piers can also be used to lift portions of buildings or foundations that have settled into the ground. If you need a contractor who has experience with helical piers in Duluth, MN, call us today!
  • What does a helical pier typically cost in Duluth?
    Helical piers in Duluth, MN typically cost around the same or less than concrete footings. They also install 10 times quicker, with significantly less impact on the ground and surrounding surfaces. Unlike concrete footings, helical piers are pressure tested to ensure the foundation and the ground it's placed in will hold your structure.
  • What type of excavating does ATK provide?
    As experienced excavation contractors in Duluth, MN, ATK excavates for residential driveways, patios, site clearings, garage and home site preparations, retaining walls, boulder walls, gabion walls, hardscapes, ponds, topsoil, and lawn installation.
  • What type of deck building materials do you use?
    ATK uses many different decking materials such as cedar, green treated wood, brown treated wood, composite, and thermally modified woods. ATK also uses many types of railings made from stainless steel cable, aluminum, painted steel, treated wood, and hybrid systems. According to the National Association of Home Builders, only about 20% of new homes built in 2019 included a deck. Whether you're looking to install a deck for a new or old home, trust our deck builders in Duluth, MN.
  • How do I get the coolest back yard in Duluth?
    Contact ATK! There's a reason we're the deck and patio builders Duluth, MN residents depend on. With one call to us, you can start transforming your yard into a beautiful, serene landscape. Our team will help with animal-resistant plantings, patios, hardscapes, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and even a new deck or screened porch.
  • How can I raise the value of my Duluth, MN home?
    Home values are calculated with a number of factors in mind, but the ATK team can help with some of the most effective ways to improve your home's value. One of the most practical ways to increase your home value is by upgrading your bathroom. Adding a deck, patio, or three-season room also offers a great return on investment for homeowners who plan to sell. Start working with the deck and patio builders Duluth, MN residents depend on when you call us today!
  • How much does the average bathroom remodel cost in Duluth?
    Bathroom remodels in Duluth, MN can be catered to your individual budget, taste, and space. Our team of bath remodelers in Duluth, MN can consult with you to get you the bathroom you want within your budget. Call us to get started!
  • What are the most common materials you use for bathroom remodels?
    Many different materials are used by ATK bath remodelers in Duluth, MN. Some common materials are: Tiles glass tile, subway tile, ceramic tile, and more Natural Stones granite, slate, and marble Porcelain Wood Share your preferences with us and we would be happy to help design something to satisfy your vision.
  • Can helical piers be installed in the winter?
    The simple answer is “yes”. If the placement of the piers is in an area that has been covered with snow or insulation blankets, typically it is not a problem. When the ground is bare and frozen, a ground defroster would be needed prior to the installation of the piers. The ATK team has extensive experience installing helical piers in Duluth, MN and we would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about this process.
  • Can you build a deck in the winter?
    Yes, we can build a deck in the winter! It is best to get the helical piers installed before the ground freezes, but we can also cover the area with some sort of insulation until they are installed. So long as this part is completed, our experienced deck builders in Duluth, MN can finish installing your new deck at any time.
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