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Dependable Deck, Patio, and Bath Remodelers in Duluth, MN

ATK Builders will not only build your deck, screen room, or fence; our bath remodelers in Duluth, MN are also experienced in tiling, window installations, and one-of-a-kind projects like custom barn doors or gliders. Because of this, you can rely on our team of deck and patio builders in Duluth, MN to get your construction project done right the first time!

How to Prepare for a Remodeling Project

Our deck, patio, and bath remodelers in Duluth, MN are ready to tackle any remodeling project at your residence. Here's how you can prepare for this undertaking:

  • Confirm the timeline. When you reach out to us with a project idea, ensure we can get it done in the timeframe you're looking for.

  • Understand the construction process. Ask as many questions as you have! It's important you are completely informed so there aren't any surprises during the remodeling process.

  • Create a schedule for your family. Depending on what is being remodeled, your family may need a new schedule to adhere to. This is especially important for bathroom remodels! Make sure everyone's on the same page regarding the best times to use your other bathroom.


If you're tackling a home renovation project, it's wise to ask experts in the industry for their help and consultation. That's where ATK Duluth comes in! Whether you want to add a deck to your outdoor space, update the existing patio, or work on the interior of your home, our experienced team of patio, deck, and bath remodelers in Duluth, MN is excited to make your dreams become a reality. In addition to these larger projects like screen room and garage additions, we love taking on unique customizations such as barn doors and tiling projects as well!


Learn more about our remodeling and construction services below!

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