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You Can Count On Us

“ATK is on the job early and always has our lots open by the time our employees arrive for work. He also is “Andy” on the spot during the day when a BIG storm hits. He has opened the driveways and plowed the middle of the lots so our people are able to get out of the lots easily. ATK does a great job!”

— Peggy Moen, Facilities Manager, Advanstar Communications, Inc.

“The Keene Creek community has contracted with ATK for snow management services for a total of two years. Our experience has been very positive. Andy Klatzky and his crew have dedicated themselves to providing quality work with an excellent safety record. Andy has been a true professional in that he has regarded our property as if it were his own. He and his crew have been responsive to special requests and their safety record is notable. Andy is a good communicator. As a result, our relationship with ATK has been such that we have signed a long-term contract with ATK and we look forward to an ongoing, mutually rewarding relationship in years to come.”

— Richard H. Carson, president; Dave Allison, vice president,
Board of Directors Keene Creek Town Home Association

“For the past five years, ATK has taken care of all the snow removal on the roads, driveways and sidewalks at our townhomes community and our offices. They plow, sand the roads and driveways and salt the sidewalks. ATK’S work has always been top-notch. Thanks to ATK, snow removal has become one less thing for us to worry about.” 

— Mike Edmunds, association manager, Edmunds Company Real Estate LLP